Articles Of Faith "New Normal Catastrophe" 12"

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The classic lineup of early-'80s Chicago punk pioneers Articles of Faith have recorded together and are playing two live shows for the first time in 25 years! This five-track 12-inch EP is blazing fast and intelligent hardcore a la the band's classic What We Want Is Free EP (1982) and Give Thanks LP (1984). Recorded at Chicago's Million Yen Studios (Cheap Trick, Effigies, Local H, Smoking Popes) on July 4, 2010, these songs show the members' continuing political involvement and enduring musical chops. This lineup had not written or recorded together since 1985's In This Life LP. New Normal Catastrophe was mixed by J. Robbins (of Jawbox and Report Suspicious Activity--the latter a collaboration between Robbins and Articles of Faith's Vic Bondi) in Baltimore, MD. The 12-inch will be available in time for the return of the original lineup to the stage at Chicago's annual Riot Fest from October 6-10, 2010. This lineup has not played live together since July of 1985!
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