Bellini "Small Stones" LP

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Bellini makes their triumphant return with new drummer Alexis Fleisig (Girls Against BoysSoulside). Small Stones is Bellini's second album, and the first to feature Fleisig. Recorded in a whirlwind 5-day session in a dilapidated studio in Austin, TX (much of which was spent watching their old friend Steve Albini begrudgingly repair neglected recording equipment), Small Stones is the sound of a band made stronger. More melodic, more rhythmic and more intense than anything that vocalist Giovanna Cacciola and husband/guitarist Agostino Tilotta have ever been involved with, Tilotta's guitar stabs punctuate the relentless rhythm section of bassist Matthew Taylor and Fleisig. And more than ever before Cacciola sings, her voice exuding an assured power and effortless sexiness that eludes most contemporary vocalists. If Bellini had to endure tragedy before enjoying triumph, Small Stones is as brilliant a reward as they could have ever hoped for.

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