Front Line Assembly "The Initial Command" 2LP

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Deluxe re-release including all original tracks and both bonus tracks taken from a re-release in 1997: “Complexity” and “Core”. Limited pressing of 500 copies with double vinyl record, deluxe gatefold sleeve and new vintage artwork. D-side features a silkscreen of the classic fist logo.

Special edition on transparent beer vinyl. Limited to 150 copies.
Standard edition on black vinyl. Limited to 350 copies.

A1. The State
A2. Insanity Lurks Nearby
A3. Casualties
A4. Slaughter House
B1. Ausgang Zum Himmel
B2. Nine Times
B3. Black March
C1. No Control
C2. Complexity
C3. Core

“The Initial Command” is the debut landmark album by Canadian EBM-industrialists Front Line Assembly, originally released in 1987 through Belgian label KK Records. Bill leeb shows us already a unique style, setting a benchmark for all that would follow. Fiercely original, not least for 'it's time', from the glittering synths and harsh metallic percussion of the unarguably cinematic “Casualties” and the abrasive white noise on “Ausgang Zum Himmel”, to the punchy breaks and dramatic strings of “No Control”.

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