Gogol Bordello "Super Taranta" CD

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"With Super Taranta! Gogol Bordello is going to conquer the world," boasts Eugene Hutz, Gogol bandleader and agent provocateur. "Everything on the album is taken to the next level. It's more direct, more abstract, more focused, with more dark humor. The dub parts are deeper, the fast parts are faster, it's pure orgasmo hysteria." Gogol Bordello has been breaking down musical barriers since 1999 with a supercharged music based on a brutal gypsy two step rhythm that sounds like an Eastern European cousin of ska, augmented by punk, metal, rap, flamenco, roots reggae, Italian spaghetti western twang, dub and other sounds generated by gypsies and rebels from across the globe. "Reggae and gypsy music were created by poor people with nothing to loose," Hutz explains. "They had to find a new way to look at the world, so the theme of Super Taranta! is New Rebel Intelligence - NRI - a concept born in the band. Looking at string theory, creationism, globalization, political cataclysms and the general chaos facing us makes you realize you have to find some way to survive. With music it's possible to make these incredible contradictions sound harmonious, at least for the duration of a song. This is intense transglobal rebel rock, not light headed world fusion pop sh*t. It's about believing that music and art can transform negative energy to positive and inspire individual intelligence."

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