Nation Of Ulysses "13 Point Program" LP

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REISSUED ON VINYL!!! “THE NATION OF ULYSSES was a violent separatist political party and terrorist group operating out of Washington, DC in the early 1990's. Though they've disappeared into obscurity, they've spawned countless milquetoast imitators who've tried to appropriate their looks, language, sound and presentation for the sake of career advancement. These cheap imitators can't comprehend that the Nation of Ulysses derived their awesome power from their unswerving commitment to secession and havoc wreaking, and not to the banal and unimportant pursuit of fame and wealth. The N.O.U. is probably the most important development to beset music since electrification, as they were the first to articulate intent through written manifestos and stage hystrionics, refuting rock'n'roll's traditional policy of posturing rebelliously while aping parent culture values. Features members of CHAIN & THE GANG, WEIRD WAR, SCENE CREAMERS and THE MAKE-UP.”—N.O.U. Originally released in August of 1991. Remastered and packaged with a download.
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