NoMeansNo "Dance of the Headless Bourgeoisie" CD

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In their 17th year of existence, Canadian edgy, post-punk hard rockers continue to get meaner. Fast guitar riffs matched by equally quick snare and drumbeats set the background for agitated social commentary. A skewed sense of humor lends itself to the Nomeansno package as being dark and unforgettable, poignant and cutting. The proclamation "I'm an Asshole" and the graphic-as-true-crime violently extortionate title track lend credence to theory that Nomeansno is out to offend, this time. The greatest strength can be found in "Disappear." Musically, this is the classic Nomeansno formula: distorted guitar keeps rhythm matched to an alternating fast and mid-tempo funky rock beat and sometimes a nearly absurd one-string solo juts out. The vocals are syllables drawn out over the faster beats. The vocal rhythm is congruent to the still music. The style is one that owes much to blues and adds drama to the music. The result is a beat and noise mix that is an urgent carrier for a classic message: the desire to drop out. For this reason, Nomeansno always offers something to tune in to. ~ Tom Schulte
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