Queer Resource Center "Meeting New People" CD

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Queer Resource Center is a band based in Warsaw formed in 2013 by Quentin (of France), Robin (Modest Mouse, Carissa's Wierd) and Christoph (Paula&Karol, Eric Shoves Them In His Pockets). Soon joined by Kuba (The Car Is On Fire) on vocals. Hubert (Eric Shoves) is the latest addition to the band replacing Robin at the bass. They're playing a mix of clueless rock and hardcore soft punk, sort of a Rolling Stones "Miss You" meets Rod Stewart's "Do you Think I'm Sexy" kind of a vibe, but after all their name is still better, than their music.1. Don’t Be Disgusting2. McNulty3. Genius4. Cyborg5. Home6. Ex-manager7. Shark8. Time9. Reorganization10. Sensitive Bastardhttps://soundcloud.com/queerresourcecenter

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