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The explosive Neapolitan rock duo The Devils, formed by demonic Gianni Blacula (voice, guitar) and Switchblade Erika (voice, drums) step forward and produce their best record to date. After two records produced by modern garage rock mastermind Jim Diamond, released by Voodoo Rhythm Records, the two guys from hell are back with ana amazing noisy rock record produced by veteran Alain Johansson, known for his work as producer and musician with Queens Of The Stone Age, _. Gianni and Erika tell that back in September 2019 during a tour in Spain were looking for inspiration and at the same time Alain Johannes was playing thorugh Europe. We got in touch with him and He agreed to work with us. The album have been recorded in Naples in two weeks, in a historic city studio equipped with a large tracking room with truly unique acoustics. Alain actively collaborated in the production of the album taking part to creatice process and helping us with the arrangements. On the last day of recording, at the height of the complicity that had been created between us, we wrote and recorded a piece together, sung by Alain. It's the song that closes the album and name the record, 'Beast must regret nothing'.The Devils - Devil Whistle Don’t Sing (feat. MARK LANEGAN)

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