Udarnik "Mommy Shoots A Reindeer" LP

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To discomfort you, we bring you: Udarnik, a noiserock collective from Nijmegen Holland. Since 2011 it resists, kicks and screams full of hope and sorrow. Deeply rooted in the underground it reaches the surface with militant rhythms and guitar- driven noises. Debut album ‘Mommy Shoots A Reindeer’ (2013), 9 furious songs, 40 minutes of spicy brainfuckers. Released on mini flagship Udarny Phonographik Kollektiv. Available on vinyl and as download. In 2014 new songs were recorded but got lost during an implosion of social capabilities. Two songs were undeleted, remixed and put online as ‘point blank range EP’. Go to udarnik.bandcamp.com to listen and download for free. New recordings are planned for 2016Live shows in Holland, Belgium and Germany included sharing the stage with: Nomeansno, Oozing wound, Screaming females, Raketkanon, Madensuyu, Pop.1280 and Tweakbird…http://udarnik.bandcamp.com/album/mommy-shoots-a-reindeerhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTRdOmImcHE 

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