Frana "Disastersss" LP, preorder, release date 18|12|20

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Self-medication for bored angst-riders.Frana was born in the discomfort of two Italian expats in the Heimat of Sauerkraut andOktoberfest. It’s primarily an act of self-defense, powering a blend of captivating melodies andunpredictable slashing riffs in a fine balance of punk, noise, and post-hardcore. The band hasbeen on a geographical rollercoaster until fully relocating in Italy during 2016. After their full-length debut Awkwardwards in 2018 and 50ish gigs sharing stage with Hot Snakes and Pileamong others, the now Milan-based quartet has taken the route of self-medication.In our mid 30s, we carry our scars and sensitive spots. We pretend to be lost as we follow thesame patterns once again. While running in circles we tell ourselves that we were lucky to havedodged much worse. Are we truly expendable vessels in favor of our ever more annoyingselves? Disastersss dwells into the very human feeling of uncertainty, hiding meanings in goofymetaphors and majestically failing in its original healing intent. But delivering a glimpse oftogetherness, growing up as weird adults while still stitching our wounds. Each song conceals ahopeful lifeblood, if you are willing to see it.Disastersss has multiple meanings and multiple feelings, finding its strength in deliberate genreshifts. It sways between tricksy dissonances and unwavering directness with ingeniousarrangements. Frana’s style sits neatly alongside the holy figures of Dischord’s finest, with theiremblematic abrasive and tight sound, Luca’s vocals evoking the pioneers of D.C. styled post-hardcore. For fans of Drive Like Jehu, Hot Snakes, Slint, Shellac, Hüsker Du, Unwound,Quicksand, Metz, and anything in the same vein.Disastersss has been recorded at Trai Studio in Inzago, Italy, mixed by TJ Lipple in WashingtonDC, USA, and mastered by Carl Saff at Saff Mastering in Chicago, USA.Frana is: Luca // Vocals & Guitar, Francesco // Bass, Matteo // Guitar, Michele // Drums.

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