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From the back alleys in Berne, Switzerland, chiseled into the foggy cold mountains Maryanne Shewolf and her pack sing their very own trippy psychedelic Desert Gospel Delta Space Blues. Classic black vinyl, printed inners, dlc! Please welcome Honshu Wolves, today's Delta Blues Desert Gospel Space Punk Sensation from Berne, Switzerland. Lead by Maryanne Shewolf, she and her small wolf pack Fabu and Mige are creating and functioning out of Zaffaraya, an alternative trailer park in the middle of Switzerland's capital Berne, which definitely makes them outsiders in their own country. It's a living and creating on the edge that could anytime be stopped by the police so you have to live every day as it comes. Unpredictable and free- just as the Honshu Wolves' music. Maryanne Shewolf became a mother in a very early stage of her life, which left no space for drug escapades. So she built her spaced out world upon her music. ,I immerse myself and put myself on a trip and forget everything around me. And when it hits me right, I know that it will affect others too," she says. She creates her music inspired by live shows of Spiritualized, Make Up, Alan Vega, Royal Trux or her longtime partner's band Roy & the Devil's Motorcycle. She also gets her inspiration from PJ Harvey, The Staple Singers, Solki, Nina Simone or Jessie Mae Hemphill whom she admires all because they sing the blues and tell stories from the point of view of independent strong and yet fragile women. The Honshu Wolves released their first recordings on their 10" ,Shine On Me' in 2010 on Mama Rosin's own record label Moi J'Connais followed by the 12" LP ,Silver Ashes Line The Lane' which was released on Sacred Hood Records in 2014. Both are Swiss labels. This album ,Cosmic Creature Capture` on Voodoo Rhythm Records they recorded at Nomad Studio in Turin with Massimiliano "Mano" Moccia (Movie Star Junkies, WOW, Love Trap, Lame). It was mastered by Oli Bösch (Stiller Haas, Hank Shizzoe, Becky Lee Drunkfoot, Bonaparte) in Berne. Video

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